How to Harvest Honey with Honey Extractor?

To harvest honey is the most exciting time for beekeepers in one year. Generally speaking, a new colony needs a full season to build up a large enough population to gather a surplus of honey, so it is very lucky for first-year beekeepers get a small harvest of honey by late summer. Please follow the next guides if you want to know how to harvest honey in a right way. Firstly, you need to break or remove all of the cappings. This may be accomplished using an honey extrator china or with a manually-operated uncapping knife. To facilitate cutting off these wax cappings, the knife is often heated. The removed bits of wax, called cappings, are rich in honey which can be slowly drained off with the help of some heating. Honey Extraction (1) heated knife - to unseal honey cells (2) uncapping fork - to unseal honey cells missed by the heated knife (3) tub for wax/honey (4) to extract honey with a honey extrator! (5) food-grade bucket - to catch honey out of the extractor (6) double sieve - catches wax and impurities as honey is poured from extractor (7) containers - final destination of honey before consumption Note: The extraction process is typically done inside a specialized room, or honey house, that can be heated (since hot honey will flow faster), with all of the necessary tools nearby and is washable. Moreover, you should make sure that the room is well sealed in order to keep the bees from entering and gathering the honey.

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