What Should you Prepare before Beekeeping?

Nectar is the basis for the production of beekeeping. So you must make sure that there are plenty of nectar plants such as Cole , alfalfa, sweet clover, jujube tree, the locust trees, shrubs, and etc before you decide where you will keep bees. Typically, a swarm of bees takes about 2-4 acres of nectar plants. Besides, you should know clearly the flowering period of different types of nectar plants and honey production in the past years. 1. Choose right location. Generally speaking, you should choose the place where there are many nectar plants within 2km as more as possible, because the nearer the honey plants to the nectar plants, there will be better. Moreover, there are should be clean water such as lakes, streams. Drains near to the bee farm to ensure that the bees and beekeeper can drink clean water. Other wise, the locations of beekeeping should be flat, dry, sunny and without obstacles. 2. Select the best time to buy bees. You had better buy bees from professional and reliable beekeeping equipment manufacturers in early spring because it is the time of temperature rise and many nectar plants start flowering. Buy bees in this period will be helpful to the reproduction of bees. Otherwise, you can also buy bees in the summer and autumn, but you should make sure that there are a major nectar at least which can ensure that there are sufficient feeds for bees in the winter even though you can’t get a lot of merchandise honey. 2. Choose the high quality Queen. Queen's age should not be more than two years. You had better choose the new queen of the year if you buy bees in the summer and autumn. A high quality queen is often with big belly, tail slightly pointed, sound six foot and four wings. High quality worker bees often look very large and have bright colors. In a word, you must make sure that the bees stay in a very healthy situation. An expert from beekeeping equipment manufacturers china said that the number of keeping bees in the early spring should not be less than two boxes and more than five boxes in the summer and autumn. You will be a qualified beekeeper and earn more money in short time as long as you make good preparation before beekeeping. Good luck!

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